GMV Energy Centre


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Greenwich Millenium Village Ltd

Plot 504 will provide an energy centre which will be the new beating ‘heart’ for GreenwichMillennium Village.

The energy centre, using combined heat and power (CHP) technology with thermal stores and highefficiency boilers and pumps, will deliver the heating and hot water requirements for GMV via anunderground district heating pipe network. The energy centre will also provide clean electricity to GMV.

The energy centre will be a gateway feature to the GMV community. It will be up to 16m in height, built of brick with a coloured stainless steel flue (rising to 26m high) encased in metal cladding as used on Plots 103, 104 and 210 and featuring illuminated Greenwich Millennium Village signage. The pitched roofline offers glimpses of the energy centre’s biodiversity roof.